Pogotowie Modlitewne Królowej Pokoju

Idea Pogotowia Modlitewnego Królowej Pokoju powstała na modlitwie, jako odpowiedź na ciągłe i niezmienne wezwanie Maryi: „Módlcie się, módlcie się, módlcie się”, „Módlcie się w moich intencjach”. Jest to dzieło Matki Boga, a nie nasze. My tylko chcemy czynić to o co prosi Maryja. A od modlitwy zaczyna się wszystko dobro w nas i wokół nas, przychodzi POKÓJ.

Modlitwa Maryi po Ofierze Eucharystycznej Pana Jezusa jest modlitwą najpotężniejszą i najskuteczniejszą. Stąd uczmy się od najpokorniejszej Uczennicy Boga jak się modlić i jak dać Maryi ster naszym modlitwom.

The Prayer Emergency Service of the Queen of Peace

The Prayer Emergency Service of the Queen of Peace

The Idea of the Prayer Emergency Service of the Queen of Peace emerged during prayer, as the answer to the constant message of Our Lady: “pray, pray, pray”; “pray for my intentions”. It is the work of the Mother of God, not ours. We only want to fulfill what She is asking of us. With prayer, all the good within us and around us begins and peace comes. The prayer of Our Lady is, after the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Jesus, the most powerful and effective. Let us learn from the most humble Student of God how to pray and how to hand over to Mary the helm of our prayers.

„The Prayer Community of the Queen of Peace” at the St Joseph parish in Barycz

The calling of the Community is prayer for the intentions of Mary the Queen of Peace and entrusting all intentions that we receive to the Heart of Mary.

Through Mary, we give the helm of our life to Jesus: “Jesus, take care of this”. Full trust means we give up our sorrows to the Lord and we believe that He will solve them. The most effective way to reach God’s Heart is through the Heart of Mary. Next, Our Lady cleanses all our prayers, suffering, deeds, the time we sacrificed for Her and our entire existence and takes them, on our behalf, to God. Once all these things pass through the filter of the Heart of the Immaculate, they gain perpetual worth.

Mary hands out our humble sacrifices: those which ask for the conversion of a sinner, for healing, or for reconciliation. This secret will be revealed to us in heaven. Now, out of pure love for God, without thinking of ourselves and of our own achievements, we surrender ourselves through Mary to our Creator.

Each member of the Community says the Act of Entrustment of themselves and other people to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and sacrifices each day of their life for the intention of the Queen of Peace.

In this way, we spread the sanctity of entrusting oneself to the Heart of Mary. Through Mary, we walk towards Jesus. We become the extended arms of Our Lady who announced that the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart shall come through those who entrusted themselves to Her.

In the Saint Joseph parish in Barycz, on the 25th day of each month, a thanksgiving Holy Mass is celebrated in honour of the Queen of Peace for the intentions submitted by the members of the congregation, and for the members of the Prayer Community of the Queen of Peace. Once a month, two nine day long novenas are celebrated […] various saints, during which we ask them for intercession. At Jasna Góra, Perpetual Masses are celebrated for the intentions of the Queen of Peace and of the members of the Community as well as other people who submit their requests. On the first Thursday of every month an all-day Eucharistic Adoration takes place, for all intentions of Mary and the entrusted persons. We also try to sacrifice at least half an hour once a week for adoration of the Eucharist for the same intentions.

Patron Feasts of the Prayer Community of the Queen of Peace:

  • the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th)
  • the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25th)
  • the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist (June 24th)

The main intentions of the Queen of Peace:

For peace in the world and in all human hearts, for the Church, for the Holy Father, for the priests, for those who have not yet experienced God’s love, for families, for the sick, for the souls in purgatory, for youth.

Intentions – Why Are They Important?

God gave us free will. It is important that we freely give Him a gift for the intentions of Mary. Mary does not want to force us to do anything. That is why it is crucial that we encourage intentions: “out of pure love, I wish to sacrifice to You, Mary, my whole day, my suffering, my work, my prayers, and my troubles.” We only have to get oneself into the habit of offering intentions, and Mary will perform many miracles in us and through us.

Prayer Requests:

We encourage you to pray fervently for the intentions of Mary and leaving with faith your requests and intentions in Her Heart. You can submit your prayer requests to the following number, +48  601 828 244 (please only send text messages to this number), or via e-mail, to the e-mail address of Our Lady: gospa@op.pl (“gospa” being a Croatian word for “Lady”). We ask every person who submits to daily say the Act of Entrustment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (printed below). It is the minimum we can do to contribute to the work of Mary; we should not just expect others to pray for us. If we all pray, then the Prayer Emergency Service of the Queen of Peace makes sense. All those who request intercession of the Queen of Peace receive their share of the spiritual fruits of the Community prayers.

New members of the Prayer Community of the Queen of Peace:

Persons interested in praying for the intentions of the Queen of Peace and to entrust the offered intentions can send their application to our e-mail address. Please include your name, address, and phone number. You will be added to the list of members of the Community and to the prayer book, and you will be able to enjoy the spiritual fruits of the prayers of our Community.


We encourage you to create testimonies for the praise of God, about the miracles of the Mother of God, Queen of Peace, to strengthen your own and other people’s faith. When we share our blessings with others, our faith and the faith of our brothers is deepened. Let us do it, out of love and gratitude for the Love of God, through the Heart of the Heavenly Mother. Please send your testimonies to our e-mail address, gospa@op.pl. They will be posted on our website, barycz.przemyska.pl.


Our Lady, I am praying to the Almighty God for Your intentions, and I am entrusting to Your Immaculate Heart all members of the Prayer Community of the Queen of Peace, all those who were offered for our prayers, and their intentions.

The act of entrustment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Mother of Jesus and my Mother – Mary, Queen of Peace! Taking the example of Blessed John Paul II, I say today: I am all yours. I entrust my whole self to your Immaculate Heart, all I am, my mind, heart, will, body, senses, emotions, memory, wounds, weakness, my past from the moment of conception, present and future with the death of flesh – my every step, action, word and thought. I also entrust to your Immaculate Heart my family and everything I have. I offer my work, prayer and suffering.
You, best Mother, protect me and my family from the Evil. Beg for us the grace needed for transformation and healing. Drive the roads of life and use us to build the Kingdom of Your Son Jesus Christ – the only Saviour of the world, from who came all goodness, truth and life. Amen.

The Imprimatur – Bp Jan Wątroba, Częstochowa, 2-10-2008, L. Coll. 807